An annual grant, the Machiel van der Woude Grant, is made available by the Institute for Asbestos Victims (IAV) to support research for asbestos related diseases. Machiel van der Woude was the first general manager of the Institute.

This grant is awarded annually to researchers submitting promising research proposals. Research performed in the The Netherlands and Belgium concerning epidemiology, causes, diagnostics, treatment of asbestos related diseases. Studies on social and legal aspects of these disaeses qualify for the award as well.

The grant amounts to € 15.000.-.

In order to compete for the grant, a form needs to be filled in and submitted before December 1, 2017. An independent jury reviews the entries and determines to whom the grant will be assigned.

The award ceremony will take place on Friday January 19, 2018 during the National Lung cancer symposium in the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam.

For information:  Institute for Asbestos Victims +31 (0)70 3499754 or  +31 (0)70 3499753


  • Prof.dr. P. Baas, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek hospital Amsterdam
  • M.R. van der Heijden, chairman of the board IAV
  • P.J. Martens, office administrator IAV
  • Prof. dr. J. Van Meerbeeck, UZA, Edegem Belgium
  • Dr J.H. Schouwink, Medisch Spectrum Twente
  • Dr J.M. Warning, general manager IAV
  • Drs M.A. van der Woude, first general manager IAV